Freeware PE-File Compressor/Protector

  What's new in PESpin

- v1.23 - x64
+ fixed TLS directory bug

- v1.33 - x32
+ added support for vs2010 files
+ minor bugs fixed

- v1.21 - x64
+ fixed DLLs compatibility with IE9
+ minor GUI changes


PESpin is a Windows executable files (EXE, DLL) protector, compressor coded in pure assembly using MASM. It allows compression of the whole executable - code, data and resources, leaving them executable and protects against patching and disassembling.

Compatibility with Windows® XP/Vista/7

PESpin screenshots

BugDbg x64 screenshots


  • PESpin v1.23 64-bit version [January 23, 2016]
    SHA-1 1CAEC1C0FEEDAEACBD2EFD7DB11AA35088D696BB *PESpin_x64.exe

  • PESpin v1.33 32-bit version [May 03, 2011]
    MD5 BFE39BAAF8C8989C0E8DFD034210F462 *PESpin.exe

  • dotNetSpin v0.2 .NET version [April 12, 2011]

  • BugDbg x64 v0.7.5 [March 12, 2013]
    no installation needed but BugDbg needs Visual C++ runtimes

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